Carpet has evolved over the years. Colors, softness, durability and now pet proof! Come in and view one of our many samples to see if it's the carpet you love. Click on the images below for additional styles and colors.
Shaw Carpet
Kraus carpet
Tuftex Carpets
Beaulieu carpet
Mohawk carpet
Dixie Home Carpet

Why should you choose carpet?
  • Carpet adds beauty and style, you can choose from thousands of styles, colors and textures to personalize your living space.
  • Carpet provides warmth and comfort and is perfect for colder climates or seasons because it retains warm air energy conservation benefit.
  • It's hard to believe but carpet can improve indoor air quality. New carpet is the lowest VOC-emitting flooring choice available. Carpet acts as an air filter trapping dust and pollen, removing them from the breathing zone.
  • Carpeting is also a noise reducer; it helps absorb the sound and helps mask the sound of foot traffic.
  • With todays choices in carpeting you can get a pet proof, kid proof carpet that's waterproof and stain proof. Perfect for todays busy families.
(Source: Carpet Institute)
What to expect and how to prepare for carpet installation:
When you start the process our flooring expert will measure and estimate your carpet needs to minimize waste and maximize your carpet needs. They will set up the arrangements for the installer to come to your home and install on a day that works for both of you. The installer will need to use your electricity to power their tools and a work space will be needed. Please remove small items from the area along with any breakables. This will speed up the installation process along with protecting your valuables. If furniture needs to be moved please let your sales expert know so that they can prepare installer. The installer will remove and dispose of old carpet unless you have chosen to do so. The installer will remove the trim and moldings and prep the subfloor for installation. Moldings and trim can be fragile and despite their best efforts may break when removing. Doors may need to be removed when carpet is installed. Pile of carpet varies, if door drags it may need to be trimmed before they can be reinstalled. Most installers do not do carpentry work so it would be your responsibility. Please check with your installer, if they are able to do the carpentry there may be an additional charge. We will do everything possible to make sure you are happy with your new carpet choice and installation process. Please don't hesitate to ask us about any questions you have.
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